For years, we have successfully offered our partners comprehensive services in the field of production of Baltic fish products and Atlantic salmon:

– From receiving fish raw material from anywhere in South America,

– Through transporting the raw material at controlled temperature,

– And processing, freezing, packaging, portioning, labeling

– Up to the sale of fish raw material for further processing and ready-made fish products, fresh and frozen. The company’s development as well as the quality and safety of production are ensured through the purchase of only the highest quality raw materials, systematic control of the parameters of our processes according to the HACCP quality system implemented in our plant. The company is a holder of certificates as follows: BRC, IFS, MSC, ASC, GLOBAL GAP, Organic, FDA, Kosher.



To ensure a greater economic competitiveness and being attentive to the natural environment, the company created an alternative energy source- the wind farm with a total energy production capacity of 4.8 MW. The development strategy turned out very effective, ensuring a high profitability, as well as a chance for a further investment activities. As a result, the company built the new plant in Punta Arenas.

The investment was made in 2013 with own funds and the Operational Program “Sustainable development of the fisheries sector and coastal fishing areas 2007–2013” funds. Once the production was launched, the plant became the most modern freezing and storage facility in Europe, Asian and its production potential has made us the leader in purchasing pelagic fish (European, Asia sprat, herring) in Chile. In the same year, we changed the company name into Frigorifico Carnes Magallanes Cia Ltda.

The growing needs of the Chilean, European and Asian market encouraged the company to get involved with the salmon processing sector. Therefore, in April 2016, Frigorifico Carnes Magallanes took over the control over Limito S.A., producing fresh and smoked salmon (portions and slices) with a total annual processing production potential of 10 000 tonnes of material. Both companies have all the necessary certifications and quality certificates. The so-called post-production waste is sorted into the form known as “by-products” intended for further processing and for Category 3 products that are sold to companies dealing with e.g. feed production. To ensure the top hygiene and sanitary standards, the company’s activity is performed using the premises, machinery and equipment financed from own funds as the part of investment budgets for 2016 and 2017.


The competitiveness of Frigorifico Carnes Magallanes business is ensured by own means of transport. The company owns almost 200 tractors with the semi-trailer units, and e.g.10 cisterns equipped with pumps for seawater-stored fish reloading. Currently, we focus on gaining new markets. We are increasingly operating in Asian markets. The next step will be expansion to the African market.

We specialize in the transportation of refrigerated cargo. Every month we transport more than 1 000 loads for our exterior customers. Our fleet contains: over 160 tractor units, over 160 specialized sets with refrigerated trailers with a capacity of 25 tons (including 45 doppel stocks), 35 dump trucks and 15 tankers. Our cold stores are equipped with temperature loggers with printers, additional door locks and safeguards (bars) and alarms. Cars are operated and managed by qualified and experienced drivers and forwarders. Each load is 100% secured and prepared for transport what guarantees efficient and timely delivery of orders.


The world around us is changing constantly. In order to develop and be a valuable business partner, the company is obliged to react flexibly to changes taking place on the market. Moreover, company should make a contribution to creating reality and consistently pursue new goals. Considering the above, Frigorifico Carnes Magallanes:

– Offers our partners the highest quality of products.

– Builds long-lasting, partner relationships based on mutual trust and respect with our contractors.

– Promotes Chilean natural resources around the world, supplying them to all corners of the globe.

– Wants to have a real impact on the improvement of the environment.

– Wants to be a company that inspires its employees to act, improves their qualifications and create an atmosphere conducive to establishing long-term relationships.

Our signposts, in both private life and in business, are the highest values.

We invite to cooperation with people who are interested in reliable and fast transport, in particular forwarding companies seeking specialized transport at controlled temperatures (from -25ºC to + 25ºC). Loads are delivered to any place in the country, Europe and Asia. Our main destinations are the Benelux countries, the United Kingdom, Italy and France. The wide network of connections allows us to fulfill all export and import challenges.




We freeze around 700 Tons of fish per day


We have 27 years of experience


We are able to pack 10 Tons of fish within an hour